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Video Production & Editing

Since its founding, Impact Media & Communications has worked with brands in a variety of industries—from the nonprofit sector to working with small businesses, political campaigns, issue advocacy and more.

Impact Media & Communications will work with your business, organization or campaign at any point in production, from concept development, to strategy, to post production.

Impact Media & Communications is dedicated to working with each client based on your unique needs. 

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Content & Production Capabilities


It's exactly what it sounds like: market your brand, event, business or services to the world using the power of video. Enhance your website with powerful visuals. Share what your business or organization has to offer with powerful testimonials. Invite prospective clients to attend your event.


We can produce, shoot and edit your long-form broadcast television commercials, as well as your six-second long Youtube pre-roll. From scriptwriting, to production, to media strategy, we'll help you make every second count.


Messaging matters. We'll work with each candidate to make sure their authentic selves shine through for broadcast and digital advertising. We'll also work with issue advocacy campaigns to create custom-content ready to be disseminated across digital platforms.


Complicated concepts can be broken down efficiently through video. Our explainer videos can help highlight a company's product or service through compelling and entertaining storytelling and high-end production.


Engage with viewers and show them more about your organization's potential with their financial support. Build confidence and trust utilizing the power of storytelling.

Real Estate

Video sells houses. Marketing statistics prove you will receive more inquiries for a listing that includes video. Let Impact Media & Communications showcase your listings in a more creative, dynamic way. We'll work with brokers to create a custom product that can be shared on multiple plaltforms.

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